Main Office Number: 978-342-5222
Press 3 for Work Orders
Fax Phone Number: 978-343-4148

Office Business Hours:

Monday to Friday 9 am to 3 pm


Staff Directory

Phone Numbers:

(978) 342-5222 - Office
(978) 343-4148 - Fax

Executive Director/CPO* Douglas M. Bushman, Esq. ext 140 send email
Deputy Director Andrew Skoog ext 125 send email
Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper Yoko Ishii ext 120 send email
Director of Finance Kim Hergert ext 124 send email
Elder/Disabled Housing Manager Moises Ramos ext 141 send email
Elder/Disabled Assistant Housing Manager Cheryl Koula ext 142 send email
Family Housing Manager Janel Hebert ext 145 send email
Family Assistant Housing Manager Genesis Ruiz ext 151 send email
Section 8/MRVP Director of Leased Housing Roberta Kozak ext 121 send email
Section 8/MRVP Leased Housing Manager Sherry Colon ext 161 send email
Work Orders/Inspection Clerk Jose Lopez ext 104 send email
Public Housing Applications Specialist Yajaira Aldrich ext 105 send email
Social Services Coordinator Frances Nolivos ext 143 send email
Customer Service Clerk Norma Letamendi ext 106 send email
Maintenance/Foreman Al DiMarzio
Maintenance Marc Cunningham
Maintenance Bill MacDonald
Maintenance/Foreman, Green Bart Larkin
Maintenance/Interim Foreman, Green Douglas Carpenter
Maintenance/Interim Assistant Foreman, Green Alex Cotto
Maintenance Sean West
Maintenance Scott Stewart